Sonasoft, Corp. announces several customer success stories using their new SonaSafe Point-Click Recovery software for Microsoft Servers. Educational institutions including Universities, Colleges and School Districts are getting reliable and cost-effective protection of their data and emails using Sonasoft software.

Microsoft products are ubiquitous in most of the educational institutions and especially universities and colleges use Exchange, SQL and Windows servers extensively. Microsoft has closely worked with its partners to develop leading edge software products and solutions for education. Leading educational institutions like Stanford, University of Southern California (USC), Stanford University, Desert Sands Charter High School, The Juilliard School, Loma Linda Academy, Henderson State University, University of Botswana, University of Arizona and many more organizations have successfully deployed Sonasoft products to protect them from potential disasters.

“Sonasoft has provided me with a One-Stop shop for my entire Backup and High Availability needs. When I came across Sonasoft, I immediately saw the value of their “point & click” technology, which has definitely made my life easier. It has not only cut down my backup/recovery time to a great extent but has also given me peace of mind with its intriguing standby features. I would like to compliment Sonasoft on my experiences with not only sales but customer support as well; I got the personal attention and satisfaction I expected from them. I’m just delighted to have found Sonasoft and would highly encourage others to use it” said, A. Sadr, Computer Systems Director, Office of the Provost, University of Southern California (USC).

Key Benefits for Customers:

– Achieve integrated backup/recovery and replication capability
– Get affordable, easy-to-use high availability and disaster recovery capability
– Reduce storage costs by up to 95% high speed compression
– Meet regulatory compliance requirements like Sarbanes Oxley, HIPAA etc.
– Protect data with minimal impact on your network infrastructure
– Manage backup and recovery remotely on multiple servers