Breaking the ice has never been that easy thanks to Pushrate! This brand new mobile application has been designed to eliminate barriers stemming from shyness and ease the first contact between two persons who hang out in the same place. Developed entirely in Quebec City, this application will be launched on September 13 at the Florida International University in Miami during the football game.

How does it work?
Intuitive and totally free, Pushrate fosters unexpected encounters between single people having a common interest. It's very simple: the user indicates where he is (for example, in a coffee shop, a restaurant, a library) and gives a score on a 10 points scale to other people who are in the same place. If two users show interest for each other, they immediately exchange their phone number and communicate in real time.

"Imagine that you are in a coffee shop and notice an interesting person just near you. You thought that person had no interest for you, but she gives you a score of 9 out of 10 and sends you her phone number. Wouldn't you be more comfortable in establishing the first contact? Pushrate gives you the boost you need to take action", says Jason Fortier, originator of the Pushrate application.


Capture the present moment
"We live in a highly vibrant world. Have you ever met someone and thought to yourself: I wonder if he thinks I look good… Thanks to Pushrate, you will obtain you answer right away. On traditional dating sites, you might meet someone after a couple weeks, but you will have missed hundreds of people who were just dying to meet you. Knowing right away what people think about you will change your approach and will enable you, in a near future, to talk about the chances you haven't missed" explains Jason Fortier.

Thousands of single people walk past each other in the street, in the bus or in clubs. Their eyes meet, but nothing more. Pushrate is dedicated to help people capture the present moment.