Got an old mobile phone kicking around and
wondering what to do with it? To celebrate the launch of its popular INSTINCT
phone with TELUS, Samsung Electronics Canada is giving people a chance to send
their old mobile devices off in style.

Torontonians will have the opportunity to “launch” their obsolete mobile
phones by putting them in a slingshot and shooting them at a large blue bin.
Those who successfully get their old device in the bin will receive an
INSTINCT scratch card. Prizes will include Samsung products including the
innovative INSTINCT device available at TELUS.

INSTINCT is loaded with all the top wireless features including
turn-by-turn GPS navigation; full HTML browsing capabilities; enhanced
multimedia features for high quality TV and music enjoyment and faster upload
and download speeds via the TELUS EVDO Rev A network platform. INSTINCT will
be available starting August 19th at TELUS for as little as $129.99 with a
three-year contract.

People who do not have an old phone will have the opportunity to
participate by using old phones available at the event. All the old mobile
devices collected during the event will be recycled through a TELUS recycling

TELUS’ Return & Recycle Program was a tremendous success in 2007. More
than 40,000 handsets were diverted from landfills and recycled in an
environmentally friendly manner. The Return & Recycle Program is available to
the public free of charge. In addition to accepting handsets and accessories
from any carrier, TELUS will also plant a tree for each handset collected
through our partnership with Tree Canada. For more information, please go to: