A recent survey conducted by the
AppleOne Group revealed increasing optimism among Canadian employers.
Companies are planning for improved economic conditions with 61% of
respondents reporting that they expect to grow in 2010.

A Brighter Outlook

This quarter’s response is the most optimistic reported in over a year.
“Our latest economic outlook survey provides key insights into how businesses
have been impacted by the current economic climate as well as a window of
expectations for the future,” says AppleOne president Gary Gregg.

Getting in Gear for 2010

Many businesses have contracted and have reduced their human capital
accordingly to adjust to current demand, but are now looking to ramp up their
productivity. “Not surprisingly, more than nine in every ten respondent
companies are highly focused on maximizing productivity,” says Gregg.

Additionally, the survey showed that more than half of all companies see
upgrading their staff as highly important to their growth and recovery plans.
“Most companies believe that the economic contraction provides an opportunity
to upgrade the quality of their staff,” says Gregg. “This is especially true
of companies that have let people go within the past few months.”

Ready for the Recovery?

According to Gregg, AppleOne has been staying in top of the nascent
demand for talent and strategic partnerships. “Having been in business for
nearly three decades, AppleOne fully understands where companies are and want
to be in this strengthening economy.” For this reason, the staffing provider
offers solutions that are customized for each client’s specific needs. “We
recognize that while some businesses wish to move aggressively, there are some
who prefer a more prudent approach. We have Flexible Financing with walk-away
guarantees. The bottom line is, we stand behind our work so our clients can be
certain they made the right choice in partnering with us, even in the most
uncertain economies.”