Twenty per cent of Canadians wait just
days before Christmas to finish their shopping, according to a Strategic
Counsel poll.(*) If you’re one of them, World Vision’s Gift Catalogue offers
you unique gifts that top the tie you got dad last year or the too-big socks
that grandma pretended to love.

“Even December 24th isn’t too late to get that last-minute gift if you
order online from World Vision’s Gift Catalogue,” said Caroline Sausik, Gift
Catalogue manager at World Vision. “You can print out a picture of your gift
right from your computer and wrap it up in time for Christmas morning.”

World Vision’s Gift Catalogue offers everything from water buffaloes and
piglets to water wells and medical supplies. Distributed to needy communities
in more than 20 countries, these unique gifts help children and families
improve their daily lives. Each gift comes with a card, featuring a photo and
a description of the item. The giver can present the card to their friend or
loved one personally, have World Vision send it, or print out an e-card
immediately if ordering online.

“Giving through World Vision’s catalogue is one of the most meaningful
things that I’ve ever done at Christmas,” said Andrea Lee, an Ottawa shopper
who used the Gift Catalogue last year. “People loved the gifts because they
were part of helping others.”

Last Christmas, Canadians purchased more than 75,000 gifts from the Gift
Catalogue, valued at $6 million. World Vision staff members overseas report
that the most popular items on children’s “wish list” this year include
chickens, goats, cows, medical supplies and warm clothing.