Laplink is pleased to introduce a new simple, low-cost utility to its line of connectivity products. Laplink DoubleView is an invaluable software utility for anyone with a second PC, whether it’s a laptop or even an old desktop gathering dust. Laplink DoubleView transforms any spare PC into an extension of your primary computer’s native screen, effectively doubling your screen real estate.

In the past, adding another screen to a workstation required the purchase of an expensive graphics card and a second dedicated monitor. It was a complicated and costly method for getting the extra screen real estate you needed at work or at home. Now, you can get the extra visual space you need for enhanced productivity simply and inexpensively in a software-based solution. Just install Laplink DoubleView on both PCs, and then connect them using a FireWire or USB cable, or any network connection. In minutes, the screen of the second PC will act as an extension of your primary PC screen, so that you can spread your work out over both monitors for maximum viewing efficiency and productivity. Laplink DoubleView can even turn an old PC running Windows 98 into a second monitor!

“With new Laplink DoubleView software, anyone can transform an old, unused PC into more monitor space for their primary workstation,” explained Todd Rupley, SVP of Retail and Online Sales. “Or they can use a spare laptop to double their desktop screen real estate. Laplink DoubleView is a versatile piece of software that helps people get more value from underused PCs.”

Laplink DoubleView is the ideal solution for anyone with a spare PC, especially home consumers looking for more screen space to enjoy video games or organize and edit photos. It’s also a must-have addition to the workstations of developers, especially those who use virtual machines, and for professionals using graphics or audio software.