KPN has announced it is moving to an all IP-based, next generation communications platform based on Nortel technology. Roll-out of the new voice and multimedia capability across KPN will occur in phases beginning in February 2006.

KPN selected Nortel to bring increased productivity and simplicity to employee communications through user friendly application interfaces that integrate communications services into a single platform. Nortel’s all IP-based voice and multimedia solutions allow KPN to bring increased control to network management and help reduce costs while being inherently flexible and scalable.

“KPN believes in an all-IP world and this move to an IP-based infrastructure is of strategic importance to the company,” said Bas Burger, managing director of KPN EnterCom. “Therefore we have chosen to work with a top notch and reliable partner such as Nortel to optimize KPN’s enterprise network.”

“Our customers will benefit from this innovation as the communication and contact with them will be improved. Furthermore we are practicing what we preach in migrating to a single IP-based communications platform, demonstrating the practicality and benefits of such a move to all of our customers,” Burger said.

Using Nortel’s multimedia communications platform, KPN’s employees will be able to use their PDAs, laptops and PCs for voice, instant message, file sharing, email and video conference applications. KPN’s employee communications will be further enhanced by presence awareness, where the connection status of a user can be viewed before attempting communications. This allows employees to choose the most appropriate means of communication depending on the user’s status. The new system integrates fully with existing fixed and mobile voice communications.

“Through our work with KPN, Nortel is demonstrating the reality of our vision for the virtual enterprise, namely anywhere, anytime communication,” said Darryl Edwards, president, Northern Europe, Nortel. “The versatility of Nortel’s IP solutions for enterprise will enhance KPN’s credibility as a provider of next generation communications systems in The Netherlands by allowing them to fully realise the benefits of all-IP communications.”

KPN is using Nortel’s Communications Server 1000 to provide 20,000 voice over IP users. Among these 20,000 employees an initial 12,000 employees will also be using Nortel’s Multimedia Communications Server 5100 for voice, data, messaging, video and presence awareness. The mix of full-multimedia and voice over IP recognises the individual requirements of KPN employees for various types of communication.