Corporation, a worldwide leader in hard disk drives and consumer
storage products, announced today that Victor Company of Japan Ltd (JVC),
involved in the development, manufacturing, and sales of audio, visual, and
computer-related products, has selected Maxtor(R) QuickView(R) consumer
electronics (CE) hard disk drives for its DR-MH5, HDD & DVD video recorder.

“We are pleased to continue building upon our strong relationship with
JVC,” said Mike Cordano, executive vice president, worldwide sales and
marketing at Maxtor. “This selection is yet another proof point in Maxtor’s
strength in the Digital Entertainment market and demonstrates our commitment
to providing consumer electronics manufacturers with the best advancements in
disk drive technology.”

The new JVC DR-MH5 HDD & DVD recorder incorporates a Maxtor 120GB
QuickView CE hard disk drive. The drive provides approximately 120 hours of
video recording and has the ability to record two programs simultaneously. In
addition, the DR-MH5 includes a ghost reduction tuner which brings the ability
to record clearer images.

“The Maxtor QuickView hard disk drive offers the most advanced features
and integrated technology for AV digital recorders and CE devices,” said
Hiroshi Kuramoto, group leader of AVM company at JVC. “The performance,
reliability, large capacity, AV streaming, and Quiet Drive Technology greatly
benefit our customers experience. We are privileged to have such a valued
business partner as Maxtor.”

Pricing and Availability
JVC’s DR-MH5 HDD & DVD video recorder is now available in Japan. Please
contact your local dealer for pricing.