YANGAROO Inc., the
industry’s leading secure digital media distribution company, has entered into
an agreement with the Canadian Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (CARAS),
the organization responsible for the JUNO Awards. CARAS will utilize
YANGAROO’s patented Digital Media Distribution System (DMDS) to distribute all
music and related promotional materials submitted for JUNO Award consideration
to both the judges and CARAS’ members.

In past, music has been submitted by artists and record labels for JUNO
Award consideration by the physical shipment of 12 CD copies, for each
category, of their album and/or single complete with bio and a publicity photo
to CARAS, who in turn would package the submissions and ship them out to the
300+ judges across the country. Using DMDS to streamline the process,
submitted music will be digitally ingested into DMDS and CARAS will then use
DMDS to securely distribute the music and related promotional materials to the
300+ judges and more than 1700 members. These people will then be able to
stream the music online or download it to be burned to CD or transferred to
their iPods for review. Digital delivery protects the environment by
eliminating the waste created by CD’s and their packaging, which are made from
many non-renewable materials, as well as the greenhouse gas emissions caused
by the delivery of those packages.

“Integrating DMDS into our evaluation process was an easy decision,” said
Melanie Berry, President of CARAS. “The technology is not only more efficient
and less expensive, but it also poses clear environmental benefits. The
Canadian Music Industry was the first in the world to embrace digital delivery
for their promotional releases to radio and other destinations, and it just
follows that the JUNO Awards should be the first major televised awards show
to adopt this same technology.”

The development work will begin immediately and will be in place for this
year’s JUNO Awards, one of the most watched television events in Canada,
scheduled to take place in Vancouver, British Columbia on March 29, 2009.

“We are proud to have been chosen by CARAS for this process,” said Cliff
Hunt, Chairman and COO of YANGAROO. “We expect that with the JUNO Awards
taking the lead, the many other award shows throughout the world will soon
follow in their footsteps, creating an entirely new revenue opportunity for
the company “