Juice Software®, Inc., provider of real-time business reporting software for the Excel-driven enterprise, today announced the immediate availability of Juice Pro for salesforce.com. The new offering allows business users to leverage Microsoft Excel® functionality to create real-time analytic reports and executive summaries from their salesforce.com information. Juice Pro provides these capabilities to salesforce.com subscribers as a hosted service to eliminate the need for IT resources and server installation and maintenance.

Introduced at Dreamforce, salesforce.com’s first user and developer conference, Juice Pro for salesforce.com is an easy to use and flexible, real-time business reporting and data integration solution. It allows for the dynamic refresh and bi-directional update of business information between Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and salesforce.com data, with end-to-end security integration. In addition, Juice Pro allows users to co-mingle and aggregate their salesforce.com data with internal and external data sources to get a complete view of their sales performance and customer relationships.

“Juice Pro for salesforce.com offers a user friendly and adaptable analytic reporting solution for customers committed to Excel based reporting environments,” said Roger Goulart, vice president of global alliances at salesforce.com. “Juice Software is helping our joint customers maximize valuable salesforce.com information to gain insight into sales performance and customer relationships.”

Available to salesforce.com customers and partners at http://salesforce.juice.com, Juice Pro provides salesforce.com customers with the ability to analyze sales performance and customer relationship information to improve the productivity of their sales, marketing, and customer support organizations.

Key benefits include:
—Consolidated and customized view of sales performance and customer relationships via Excel based analytic reports and interactive performance scorecards without requiring IT resources to create and manage these reports.
—Real time access to salesforce.com information from within Microsoft Excel while keeping the full functionality and flexibility of Microsoft Excel for ad-hoc analysis, charting, and presentation.
—360-degree view of the customer by seamlessly combining and aggregating information from internal databases and external sources with salesforce.com information without costly middleware or complex EAI software.
—Increased productivity of sales and marketing employees by providing easy to use ad-hoc analysis and information update tools from within Microsoft Excel.

“Juice Pro for salesforce.com fulfills customers’ requests for the industry’s first hosted solution for Excel based ad-hoc analysis, reporting and scorecards of salesforce.com data,” said Eric Yau, CEO of Juice Software. “Juice Pro for salesforce.com extends the worth of sales information by seamlessly combining internal information sources with salesforce.com and presenting through a complete business view.”

Juice Pro for salesforce.com is available for a free 60-day test-drive by signing up at http://salesforce.juice.com. After the free trial period, Juice Pro for salesforce.com is offered on a subscription basis for an introductory monthly fee of only $20 per user.