Jolicloud developers announced last week that they are pretty close to delivering the first stable 1.0 release.

The download currently available from their website is pre-final. The stable release is expected to be launched any day now.

Jolicloud is a Linux based operating system designed for netbooks though it can be used on desktops as well.

It provides a mixture of desktop and cloud based apps that are connected to an ID connected to the Jolicloud servers.

The stable edition features a brand new user interface powered by HTML5.

Here are some of the new features that makes the stable edition:

A Simpler, Customizable Launcher Entirely Built in HTML5

An Exhaustive App Center

A Social Stream

A Universal File System

Experience the Anywhere OS

Windows users can play around with it using their express installer which does not require you to partition your hard drive. It works similar to WUBI and install the OS as an application inside Windows.