The Ontario PC Party has launched the most
innovative campaign website in Canadian politics today. The new site – – is an online community that provides a forum for
people from across Ontario to interact with the Leader, the party and each
other, and to take action to support John Tory and the Ontario PC Party’s plan
for a better Ontario.

“We believe that the number one issue in this campaign will be leadership
– and specifically, which person Ontarians trust will be an effective, honest
and action-oriented Premier for the Province,” said John Laschinger, Campaign
Director for the Ontario PC Party. “ will help us to
spread that message across Ontario.” is designed to be the opposite of a traditional ‘top
down’ flow of information. The new site takes full advantage of the growing
trend of social networking opportunities – integrating sites like Facebook,
Flickr, and YouTube right into the main site.

The focal point is a multi-author blog that will bring different voices
to the campaign site – starting with John Tory and expanding over time to
include candidates and party activists from across the province. The Party
wants to hear from Ontarians about the issues that matter to them.

“We want to engage Ontarians in the debate about the important issues in
this province,” said Laschinger.
The site also includes simple, one-click navigation to: a ‘Meet John
Tory’ section; a ‘Take Action’ section where activists and supporters can
contribute to the online campaign through a variety of activities; an ‘Issues
Update’ section offering access to the Party’s complete set of policy
announcements; a ‘Featured Candidate’ section where Ontarians can get to know
the Ontario PC Party team, and a place where visitors can ‘Share Your Story’
online. Finally, the ‘Media Room’ provides easy access to the Party’s recent
policy and media announcements and supporting materials.

“The interactivity made possible by the newest web technologies is
changing the face of political campaigning,” said Laschinger. “We are very
excited to be the first party in Canada to harness the opportunities these
technologies provide to connect with our supporters and voters and to provide
them with the tools they need to take part in our campaign at a whole new