Jobber received the highest combined score for value and capability in’s prestigious 2017 FrontRunners for Field Service—finishing ahead of over 400 software products for field service businesses. (CNW Group/Jobber)

Canadian software company Jobber has been identified as a top-ranked field service software product in’s prestigious “FrontRunners for Field Service” evaluation for 2017. Jobber received the highest combined score for value and capability finishing ahead of over 400 software products for field service businesses.

Powered by Gartner Methodology, the biannual independent, data-driven assessment of field service software companies is designed to help small service businesses evaluate which software tool is best for their business. The data for a given market is presented in the iconic quadrant format, and evaluates products based on the Capability and Value they deliver to their customers. The top 25-30 FrontRunners are placed on the quadrant based on their overall scores for Value and Capability, including billing / invoicing, scheduling and dispatching and work order management. Jobber’s top scores of 4.28 for Value and 4.38 for Capability combined ratings for criteria such as Capability, Functionality, Confidence, Customer Base, and Reviews.

According to the FrontRunners report, “Leaders are all-around strong products that offer a wide range of functionality to a wide range of customers. These products are considered highly valuable by customers.”

Sam Pillar, CEO of Jobber says the FrontRunners evaluation “is an extremely useful tool for determining which types of software are best for small service businesses. The combination in the criteria of user-submitted reviews combined with the independent analysis of the software’s capabilities, gives small business owners the confidence that the evaluation is truly an independent look at which software is best for them. We take enormous pride in our mission to help small businesses succeed, and collecting the feedback from review sites to place us in the top right of the Leaders Quadrant is something we are extremely proud of.”
Jobber also recently announced the general availability of their client hub feature. Client hub is a one stop shop for Jobber’s thousands of home service businesses to provide a single access point for all relevant information pertaining to their clients.

“We believe our recent product announcements are a testament to the need to continuously innovate in this competitive space to drive the most value as we can for service providers. Being connected to our customers, and helping them stay better connected to their clients is the way we win with our customers over the long term. Rankings like the FrontRunners Quadrant allow service providers to perform the critical independent research they need to choose the right software tool.”