iVoice, Inc. today announced availability of its standalone 4 port Speech Enabled IVR. iVoice integrates telephony-based services with its world-class speech recognition and text-to-speech technologies for a solution that works out-of-the-box. iVoice’s Speech Enabled IVR system leverages common application server architectures to facilitate integration with existing database services.

The majority of fully developed applications will cost under $10,000.00! With the iVoice Speech Enabled IVR, iVoice has created a whole new market opportunity for on-premise turnkey IVR solutions. With the new 4 Port platform, iVoice, has essentially created the most compelling alternative to hosted voice solutions for small to mid-sized businesses. Every small to mid-sized business should be able to participate in the evolving Speech Enabled technologies without having to pay outrageous prices. Installing an IVR does not get easier than this.

The iVoice Speech Enabled 4 port standalone application platform is shipping now and is available directly from iVoice and its Value Added Resellers. iVoice is working with its partners to deliver dependable and reasonably priced IVR solutions to small to mid-sized businesses. To order products or become a Value Added Reseller, contact a sales representative at 1-732-441-7700.