ITtoolbox today announced the launch of ITtoolbox Contextual Match, a network-wide enhancement that matches keywords from vendor sponsored white papers with relevant community-generated content on the ITtoolbox network. By ensuring that IT decision makers and influencers view relevant promotion, ITtoolbox Contextual Match improves the quality of leads generated for white paper advertisers.

ITtoolbox Contextual Match features:

– Increased targeting: by matching keywords from sponsored white papers
to content generated by the ITtoolbox community, promotion of those
papers is now pulled into contextually relevant user interaction. For
example, users discussing appropriate methods for removing spyware
might be presented with a sponsored white paper on ways to combat
spyware, neatly packaged within their interaction.

– Network-wide integration: ITtoolbox Contextual Match has been
implemented across the ITtoolbox network, including all Web pages, Blog
entries, and messages distributed through e-mail discussion groups.

– Geo-targeted leads: ITtoolbox Contextual Match promotes white papers
based on geographical locations specified by advertisers.

“ITtoolbox receives nearly two million visits and distributes over 38 million pieces of e-mail to IT decision makers and influencers each month,” remarked George Krautzel, president and co-founder of ITtoolbox. “Now, our advertising partners will be able to leverage this distribution channel of information through a sophisticated contextual matching engine. The result will be a greater number of qualified sales leads.”

Released in a beta version last month, ITtoolbox Contextual Match is already producing strong results. “Lead generation campaigns that used to take a month to serve have been fulfilling in less than a week,” said Krautzel. “When professionals are researching a purchasing decision or attempting to stay current in their market, they will engage with a sponsored white paper if it is relevant. ITtoolbox Contextual Match ensures that relevancy.”

ITtoolbox Contextual Match is available for all ITtoolbox White Paper Programs, including Standard, Enhanced, and Executive. More information about ITtoolbox White Paper Programs is available online at