Data and computer systems are crucial to the survival of a business, but often, the ability to gain access to mission-critical data and systems following a disaster can come at a steep price. Fortunately, IT professionals can take advantage of a special offer that allows them to reliably protect their systems in a next-generation, purpose-built disaster recovery cloud, StorageCraft® Cloud Services™, with significant savings and no hidden fees.

StorageCraft Technology Corporation provides best-in-class backup, disaster recovery, system migration, data protection, and cloud services solutions for servers, desktops and laptops. StorageCraft delivers software and services solutions that enable users to maintain business continuity during times of disaster, computer outages, or other unforeseen events by reducing downtime, improving security and stability for systems and data. For more information, visit

IT professionals in the United States who add a new machine to StorageCraft Cloud Services between Feb. 1 and March 31 will automatically receive a $100 credit per new machine. In addition to the credit, users are able to customize cloud coverage to meet their unique recovery needs and budget requirements while enjoying access to systems and data anytime and anywhere with instant failover in the StorageCraft disaster recovery cloud.

"StorageCraft Cloud Services is one of the most trusted backup and disaster recovery solutions on the market today because of its speed and reliability. This special offer provides managed service providers and their clients a risk-free opportunity to receive peace of mind knowing they can easily access their desired recovery point and recovery time objectives with a free credit head start if disaster recovery is ever needed," said Scott Barnes, StorageCraft Chief Technology Officer.

In addition to a $100 credit for new machines placed in the next-generation version of StorageCraft Cloud Services, a $50 credit will be issued for machines moved from StorageCraft's legacy cloud to the new StorageCraft Cloud Services from Feb. 1 to March 31. All credits will be applied to the machine for the next billing cycle and will be used until exhausted. Also, as an added bonus, StorageCraft will provide free shipping on all seed drives during the promotional period.

StorageCraft Cloud Services, which is built upon technology from the legendary StorageCraft ShadowProtect® suite of software, allows customers to securely store backup images offsite in the StorageCraft Cloud. More importantly, Cloud Services provides users with the ability to fully run networked systems in the Cloud when local access to systems and data is unavailable.  StorageCraft Cloud Services provides the following features for IT professionals:

  • Instant virtualization and networking of cloud-based backups.
  • Granular file and folder access.
  • Personal control of cloud backups for fast recoveries.
  • Enterprise-grade security and encryption to ensure the most secure cloud hardware and software architecture possible.
  • An easy-to-use self-service Cloud Services portal for simple, fast recovery of systems and data.
  • 24 hours a day, 365 days a year global Network Operation Center monitoring and Support Teams.

StorageCraft Cloud Services is available in budget-friendly tiered options and service+ levels:

  • Cloud Basic: Secure offsite storage of your critical business backups with full system restore via a bare metal restore (BMR) drive.
  • Cloud+: Includes everything in Cloud Basic, plus immediate file and folder recovery from the web-based Cloud Services portal.
  • Cloud Premium: Includes everything in Cloud+, as well as instant virtualization of data and systems in the cloud.

For more information about StorageCraft Cloud Services, please visit or email

Throughout the years, StorageCraft products have been recognized by analysts, leading IT publications, and, most importantly, IT professionals for their speed and reliability. In October 2015, StorageCraft won the ASCII Cup Vendor of the Year award, which was the result of 26 cumulative award category wins at the eight regional ASCII Success Summits attended by IT professionals in 2015. Also in October, StorageCraft was named to the CRN 2015 Cloud Computing Partner Program Guide, a list of leading technology vendors with cloud-related partner programs that enable and accelerate the growth of solution providers' cloud initiatives. In January 2016, StorageCraft was named Best Channel Vendor in the Business Continuity and Backup and Disaster Recovery category in the annual Business Solutions magazine's annual survey of IT service providers and MSPs.