Canadian and Canadian Investment Review are pleased to announce its first annual Carbon Economy Summit, taking place September 21 in Toronto.

This premier day-long event will bring together some of the brightest minds in sustainability—from Canada and abroad—for idea exchange, education and networking. Find out how to position your company for growth in the years ahead, mitigate climate risks and attract investors.

Keynote speakers such as Nicholas Parker (co-founder of the Cleantech Group) and Gwynne Dyer (an international journalist and author) will highlight diverse opportunities in clean technologies; and the politics, economics and social drivers behind the new low-carbon era.

Breakout sessions will delve into the operational and regulatory issues shaping corporate social responsibility. Themes will include:

  • Ontario's ripening clean energy market
  • Carbon trading, taxes and caps
  • Risk management
  • Manufacturing strategies
  • Carbon reporting regulations

The conference is being organized by Rogers Publishing's family of industrial, financial and business publications, including Canadian and Canadian Investment Review, in response to our readers' growing interest in low-carbon opportunities and risk management.