ioBridge, Inc. ( is thrilled by the success of RobotShop’s latest release: MyRobots. Enabled by ioBridge’s ThingSpeak, MyRobots is a cloud robotics platform that allows operators and robots to interact like never before. Serving as the “Facebook for robots,” this latest release continues RobotShop’s plan to make cloud robotics accessible to everyone and demonstrates the power of ioBridge’s ThingSpeak.

“We are very proud that RobotShop chose ThingSpeak,” said Hans Scharler, ioBridge President, Software. “RobotShop conducted rigorous market research before deciding which platform to use for MyRobots, and we are honored to work with them.”

With ThingSpeak, ioBridge has provided an entire open source platform where both data and source code are made available. ThingSpeak has garnered a growing community of companies and individuals looking to kick start their Internet of Things projects, products, and services. In addition to MyRobots, ThingSpeak has been employed for such diverse applications as environmental sensor monitoring, fitness device interaction, and object location tracking.

ThingSpeak allows for anything to send and receive “eTweet-sized” messages from things like thermostats, servers, and cell phones. In addition to data processing, apps based on ThingSpeak are able to interface with social networks like Twitter and location-based services such as Foursquare and Google Latitude.

ioBridge believes that offering a version of its technology as open source will foreshorten the time when everyday things can interact with people and other things. ioBridge foresees that this enhanced interaction between people and things will improve quality of life and sustainability.

ThingSpeak is also available to be licensed for commercial applications and ioBridge believes other companies will make use of ThingSpeak as successfully as RobotShop.