A free social app named Shout The Good is hitting the market today that poses the question "How Good Are You?" It is the newest application that measures people's character and their willingness to see the good in others with a score from 1-100.

Shout the Good logo

Founded by Internet entrepreneur Payam Zamani and actor/social entrepreneur Justin Baldoni, they developed the app to create a balance on social media and hold people accountable for how they treat others. By helping people remember just how much they impact one another, the founders hope that it will encourage an outpouring of positivity that can help us focus on becoming the best version of ourselves.

"We want Shout to be the go-to destination where we can all be reminded of what actually matters in the world. The good," said co-founder Justin Baldoni. "To have a place that tells us all of the good our friends and peers think about us is something the world really needs. We always feel better when we hear and see the good, and at its core, that's really what this app is all about."

Shout's proprietary algorithm scores users based on three things:

  • Our online social footprint and everything we post or have posted publicly on social media
  • Endorsements for positive traits we give and receive from friends on the app
  • "Shouting the Good" when someone either deserves a Shout out, or has had a positive impact on you, and receiving Shouts when we have had a positive impact on others

"Shout lets us get to know one another on a deeper level and learn what matters most when you're dating, interviewing a nanny, or considering whom to hire for a job," said co-founder and CEO Payam Zamani. "Wouldn't you want to know if someone was trustworthy, loving or if they helped a friend in need before you dated or hired them?"

Shout is a platform that shines a light on the goodness in everyone and provides a revolutionary score that truly matters.