Pixplit Technologies, LTD. announced the availability of Pixplit, a creative collaboration network for friends to create images together in a single frame using their mobile phones. Introduced onstage by co-founder and CEO Jay Meydad at the StartTWS 2012 conference in Tel Aviv, Israel, Pixplit for iPhone is the world’s first app that allows users to create images together with friends and complete a ‘social photo collage’ that is called a split. Pixplit’s photo based collaborations offer constant surprise, and infinite opportunities for creativity. It’s a lot of fun!

Getting started is easy. Choose a frame, snap a photo and publish, or join a friend’s uncompleted frame with a picture of your own. Then publish within Pixplit, and to Facebook and/or Twitter. While users can like and comment on splits as on other sharing platforms, the ability to carry a visual exchange with photos turns every user, even the otherwise passive, into active participants.

“Our goal at Pixplit is to bring users together through creative collaboration,” said Jay Meydad, Pixplit’s CEO, “and deeper connections are created when we do things together. By sharing a frame, we can communicate with our friends and their network using the pictures that we take every day. Because our imaginations and personalities are so different, the only thing we know for sure about collaborative sharing is that it will surprise you every time.”

Anyone with a valid Facebook account can join Pixplit and download the iPhone app for free from the Apple App Store or from our website at: http://pixplit.com/download