The rapidly growing Internet TV News
Network, Internet Broadcast Corporation, formerly
known as MediaScrape released new navigation expanding access to
world television news.

The company, headquartered in Canada, but with thousands of users in the
United States and beyond, also announced a new broadcast partner and a goal to
be the number one global Internet video news source. Internet Broadcast
Corporation (ibcTODAY) is the first Internet TV News Network to digitize
analog TV broadcasts in a format that is 100 percent high quality video,
on-demand, translated, interactive, free, searchable and archived.

“This name change reflects ibcTODAY’s goal to be the leading international
Internet TV News Network,” says Tyler Cavell, Publisher of ibcTODAY. “The new
name explains more clearly what we are, and translates easier to our global

The site currently has registered users from 91 countries and broadcasts
two hours of news clips (one-three minutes each) a day from North America,
Asia, the Middle East, Africa and Europe.
To achieve the company’s goal of providing more information in a user-
friendly environment ibcTODAY has employed groundbreaking navigational
techniques, including ajax .net components. This technology allows ibcTODAY
to retrieve data for the user without refreshing the page, stopping the video
or hindering site performance. Another new feature is “one-stop-shop”
navigation, which enables users to watch video while browsing the top stories
from other regions.

“We sought feedback from our large base of users to help us redesign
ibcTODAY. With a substantial re-investment in our technology we were able to
improve the site’s navigation, specifically its video archive search engine,
and add to our impressive content library,” states Tyler Cavell.
Internet Broadcast Corporation recently signed an agreement with the
Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) to broadcast their top national and
international stories. The CBC joins ibcTODAY’s other leading national and
international video news agencies and wholesalers, including Associated Press,
Canadian Press and Dogan News Agency. Internet Broadcast Corporation has also
signed partnerships with local television broadcasters from Georgia, Turkey,
Azerbaijan and Armenia and expects to sign on more than a hundred countries
over the next year.

Updated every 30 minutes, 24-hours a day, Internet Broadcast Corporation
also features message boards, blogs and user submitted content. By offering
its Internet video services free of charge to the public ibcTODAY aims to
become the number one Internet television news network.
Headquartered in Montreal with bureaus in Washington, Armenia, Georgia,
Azerbaijan and Turkey, Internet Broadcast Corporation was founded by Tyler N.
Cavell, who discovered that there was an information deficit in Internet
broadcast news and developed