One month after announcing the commercial availability of InsitePro™, Intermap Technologies a leading provider of location-based solutions, today announced an agreement to license InsitePro to a Top 10 Global Reinsurer for use in a specific Latin American country. InsitePro is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) product that is purpose built to visualize and analyze location-specific risk. InsitePro provides Global Reinsurers with a powerful tool to evaluate locations one-by-one or thousands at a time via the Company's innovative risk models and analytics.

Intermap is evolving the way the world views risk management. By connecting people to location-based solutions through the InsitePro application, Intermap makes risk planning more accessible, opening up more possibilities for governments and enterprises anywhere in the world. InsitePro's expanding global presence continues to connect more people with life and property saving risk management answers, forever changing the way cities are managed, communities are built and lives are lived.

Only Intermap's Orion Platform™ can provide integrated access to Intermap's WorldFlood™ model, GeoPro™, InsitePro™ and the Company's proprietary elevation data to forecast flood risk in Latin America. InsitePro provides proprietary access to Intermap's WorldFlood™ model, which forecasts uniform flood coverage anywhere in the world. GeoPro is software that easily and simply serves all types of geospatial data to authorized users who can then analyze the information to quickly provide location-based answers to their customers.

"We're pleased to be working with this Top 10 Global Reinsurer. This agreement is further proof that InsitePro and our Orion Platform can become the authoritative provider of Web-based risk models for all types of perils around the world," said Todd Oseth President and CEO of Intermap. "Reinsurance providers now have dependable and consistent flood risk information at their fingertips. We're looking forward to bringing the benefits of InsitePro and the Orion Platform to customers around the world."

InsitePro leverages Intermap's best-in-class NEXTMap® and NEXTMap World 30™ elevation data. Point-specific ground elevation allows users to go beyond flood models to better understand the risk of flood by determining heights above flood elevation, flow routes from rivers to buildings, and safer locations for new infrastructure and buildings. InsitePro can also display a customer's proprietary risk data or any available Government data.

Flooding is a recurring threat around the world, with over U.S. $2 trillion worth of property exposed to flood damage annually. InsitePro and the Orion Platform provide four major benefits to help manage and explain flood exposure:

  • Quickly and easily analyze locations for risk of flood, wildfire, and other perils
  • Visualize locations and their proximity to risk zones
  • Leverage dependable ground elevations to qualify flood risk
  • Visualization tool for sales people to present a picture of risk to their clients