Intelligent Loop announces the Tool Manager mobile enterprise application. This application leverages the cloud and a smartphone’s ability to scan barcodes and acquire GPS to track assignment of equipment to jobsites and to personnel.

Intelligent Loop develops mobile enterprise software that focuses on providing easy to use applications that solve common business problems.

Tool management software eliminates time spent searching for equipment, cuts the cost of replacing misplaced tools, and handles the logistics of equipment assignment and returns. Beyond tool tracking, this tools management application also tracks warranty expiration information, scheduled maintenance dates and various financial information such as repair costs and depreciation.

Traditionally, tool tracking solutions are packaged with special purpose hardware for scanning barcodes and collecting data. Intelligent Loop’s solution uses a smartphone’s ability to scan barcodes, acquire GPS, and touch screen data entry with dropdown menus to eliminate costly special purpose hardware. Personnel at construction jobsites and the tool crib can rapidly assign and return tools.

The management and reporting software is cloud based and securely accessible from a browser. The cloud model eliminates the need to install and maintain complex server software, further cutting costs associated with traditional tool tracking solutions.

Managers can rapidly determine who has what tools, which jobsite they are issued to, when they are due back, scheduled maintenance and generate reports from the web.

The “Tool Manager” app is available in Google Play (Android marketplace). Search for Intelligent Loop then install the Tool Manager app. Registration at is required.

“Smartphone and cloud technology, enable businesses to easily incorporate productivity tools that were previously associated with high costs, complexity and high time commitments just to get started” explained Intelligent Loop’ president, Antonio Ransom. Antonio has been at the forefront of mobility since 1987. As a Distinguished Member of Technical Staff at Bell Labs he was a lead software engineer for some of the most widely deployed 3G systems in the world, and as a CMTS at Alcatel-Lucent, he was a 4G systems architect.