Mr. Dunford said: “All Canada B2B 1 Million is designed for larger sales
and/or marketing campaigns where there is an equal emphasis on quantity of
businesses and accuracy of the information. This database is ideal for direct
marketing and telemarketing strategies.”

With challenges finding a reliable business-to-business marketing
database in the marketplace, OMP seeks to meet the needs of the
Marketing/Sales professional group. “All Canada B2B 1 Million is also a good
resource for Marketing analysis, such as market sizing and geo distribution as
well as for Sales territory allocation,” added Mr. Dunford.

Owen Media Partners already publishes ProFile Canada B2B Top 40,000
(, a comprehensive marketing and research
database available in the market with more than 40,000 leading Canadian
organizations and companies, over 90% of which are privately owned businesses,
the most difficult information to find.

“ProFile Canada B2B Top 40,000 is ideal for the sales and/or marketing
professional who is looking to acquire business from the 40,000 largest and
most influential Canadian companies,” said Mr. Dunford, “Our value is having
deep, intelligent information for each company, thus fueling 1-to-1 marketing
and selling strategies. It is also a good resource for marketing analysis at a
more specific level.”

Both All Canada B2B 1 Million and ProFile Canada B2B Top 40,000 products
are available in Marketer (exportable) and Researcher (non exportable)
editions. Marketer products are designed to meet marketers’ needs where all
data can be searched, viewed, and exported instantly to your desktop.
Researcher versions are designed to meet researchers’ needs, as such, no
exporting functionality.

All Canada B2B 1 Million provides great growth potential for OMP by
complementing its existing ProFile Canada products which have proven to be so
successful. “We believe that All Canada B2B 1 Million will be a product of
tremendous interest to marketing & sales professionals. OMP will continue in
its commitment to offer innovative products with the best quality to all of
our customers,” said Mr. Dunford.

All Canada B2B 1 Million and ProFile Canada B2B Top 40,000 database
products are updated continuously by Owen Media Partners.