Innergiethe announced that its complete line of compact, stylish and energy efficient power adapters for use with most consumer electronic products, will be readily available to consumers in the U.S. ,Canada, and Mexico.  The Innergie line of power adapters is currently available online at, InMotion and Airport Wireless stores in the U.S., through AVS Technologies in Canada, Viastara in Mexico, Corpsir in Ecuador, and online worldwide at

Innergie is a division of the world's largest supplier of power adapters for consumer electronics and is recognized by numerous manufacturers for its energy and design efficiencies, reliability, and innovative solutions.  The Innergie brand represents a new level of quality, style, features and functionality for power adapters.  Innergie is a power specialist that takes careful consideration to the design, form, and function of every product in its line.  Its vision is to create superior products to Power Your Life.

Designed for consumers looking to minimize the number of power adapters needed to charge several devices, business travelers with limited space to carry multiple chargers, students, and today's mobile consumer will all benefit from Innergie’s products.  For example, Innergie's mCube Pro all-in-one universal laptop adapter can charge nearly any laptop, Netbook or portable device while on the plane, in your car, or just about anywhere else.  Using just the mCube Pro will reduce the number of electronic cables and components necessary to keep you connected.  Innergie’s complete line of power adapters will help consumers customize their power supply needs while reducing power consumption.

"As the leader in compact and energy efficient power technology, Innergie has been able to produce a line of all-in-one power adapters, which offer consumers universal solutions to help reduce the need for multiple power adapters," explains Kevin Lockwood, Senior Director, North America at Innergie.  "This is a tremendous benefit for today's mobile consumer who relies on their laptops, cell phones, and personal content systems to remain productive, accessible, and entertained."