Apple cofounder Steve Wozniak has a fractured foot, but the Dancing with the Stars competitor still plans to dance on the next show and will use a removable cast in between practices and performances. Wozniak isn’t the only dancing star with an injury: Jackass star Steve-O and Sex and the City hunk Gilles Marini are also nursing injuries.

A fractured foot won’t stop an enthusiastic Steve Wozniak from another “wild and fast” dance on Monday’s Dancing With the Stars. And he won’t be the only dancer facing pain, as two other cast members have also admitted to injuries.
Shortly after his widely panned debut on the TV show with professional dance partner Karina Smirnoff, the Apple cofounder was taken to a doctor, who diagnosed a fractured foot. The doctor insisted that the Woz use a removable cast except during practice and stop dancing if he experiences any pain.

So, the Woz says, he’s planning to have some more fun on the show. He noted his dancing debut “set a record with 23 million viewers.” He added, “I hope that the producers decide that it was largely due to my presence.”

Also limping along is Jackass star and fellow competitor Steve-O, with a back injury. He reported, “A physical therapist has told me that nerves are being pinched in my back and it is in spasms because of inflammation related to torn muscles.” He still plans to compete and added, “It is going to be a risky routine that I hope to pull off.”

The third competitor nursing an injury is Gilles Marini, with a separated shoulder. The Sex and the City hunk said he has had a cortisone shot and plans to be quick-stepping on Monday’s show.

That’s a lot of pain, but Steve-O’s partner, Lacey Schwimmer, told MTV that injuries to non-dancers are not uncommon. She helped Steve-O walk through their routine and said an extra kick of adrenaline often helps an injured dancer get through a live performance.