Infosys, a global leader in consulting, technology, outsourcing and next-generation services has received the title "Leader in the Winner's Circle – Excellent at Innovation and Execution," from HfS's Research Blueprint: Design Thinking in the As-A-service Economy.

HfS picked Infosys for its top spot in execution, recognizing the company's leadership in Design Thinking, client feedback, customer results, real-world delivery solutions, and the company's overall cultural shift and orientation. Among the report's many notable highlights, it shows how Infosys has used Design Thinking to transform its own culture and engage clients in a new way.




The report's highlights include: 




  • Central to Organizational Strategy: For Infosys, Design Thinking is not just a tool to serve clients, but it is also critical to the new ways of working. It is using Design Thinking to increase the use of creativity and drive a cultural shift in the organization.
  • Clear Plan to Train Every Employee: Infosys is perhaps the only service provider that has vowed to train all employees on design thinking and it has put together a very solid plan to do so.
  • Creating Awareness of Design Thinking with Clients: Apart from employees, a number of clients are being identified who have been trained or will be trained to understand these concepts to co-create and ideate collaboratively with Infosys.
  • Fast Becoming a Strategic Partner: Clients acknowledge that Infosys is changing from one that typically was waiting for directions. For example, a client mentioned that Infosys is helping them apply already existing technologies differently to drive new results.
  • Leading by Example: Clients also appreciate that Infosys is using Design Thinking to address internal challenges.

To date, more than 73,000 employees have received training in Design Thinking, ingraining it into their daily work and into the programs they are driving, whether they are in a client-facing role or in a business enabling function. The result has been significant customer savings and value creation through programs such as Zero Distance, an initiative to bring innovation to every existing client project. Today, 90% of the Infosys delivery organization has found or delivered something innovative to a client, beyond the statement of work.

Moreover, Zero Distance has increased the company's overall employee retention and utilization. Frequently, members of the traditional IT bench prototype the projects from Zero Distance, enabling them to gain valuable real life experience in driving innovation in ongoing projects, and in the process, creating software assets for Infosys to bring to clients on a larger scale.