IMAX Corporation announced an agreement for Necsel to be the exclusive worldwide provider of specified lasers for IMAX's laser projection systems. IMAX's laser projection technology will enable exhibitors to deliver a wide array of digital content – including documentaries and blockbuster films – and further enhance The IMAX Experience® for audiences.

Necsel manufactures customer-specific laser lighting solutions for digital projection and other lighting applications. Necsel's patented technology comprises red, green and blue visible lasers and laser systems that meet critical performance, size and cost requirements for laser cinema projection and a host of specialty lighting uses. Necsel technology will enable the commercial rollout of next-generation digital cinema, large-venue projection, laser-based simulation systems and other forms of lighting.

"Our laser projection solution represents IMAX's largest R&D investment to date and, as part of this development, we have aligned ourselves with only the best worldwide technology partners who share our commitment to innovation and quality," said Robert D. Lister, Chief Business Development Officer, IMAX Corp. "It is clear to us that Necsel not only shares this commitment, but – as the leading global provider of laser light source solutions – it gives us the security of knowing that our groundbreaking laser projection offering is leveraging the capacity and resources of the world's premiere laser manufacturer."

"We are honored to have been selected in this capacity by IMAX," said William Mackenzie, Founder, Chairman & CEO of Necsel. "Necsel's technology is transforming cinema projection and we look forward to helping IMAX redefine the premium movie-going experience with its next-generation laser product. We are committed to contributing our extensive resources and award-winning technology to IMAX's cutting-edge development."

IMAX's next-generation laser projection system is expected to set a new benchmark as the industry's premium entertainment experience. The system incorporates the laser digital intellectual property IMAX exclusively licensed from Eastman Kodak and relies on Barco's best-in-industry system manufacturing expertise. It will enable IMAX's largest screens to deliver the highest-quality digital content available with greater brightness and clarity, a wider color gamut and deeper blacks. IMAX's very first laser projection systems are expected to be rolled out by the end of this year.