iMagic Inventory is proving that users don't need to spend thousands of dollars on inventory software designed for their industry as its market share continues to grow across construction, consumer retail and services, financial services, education, food and beverage, mining, pharmaceuticals, telecommunications and technology clients globally.

CEO Jon Walker said while many clients and users initially sought applications designed for their industry, iMagic Inventory's easy to use interface, compatibility with other programs and value for money pricing structure made it their stand out choice.

"iMagic Inventory continues to be shortlisted – and implemented – by small and large organisations who are looking for a value for money solution without compromising on functionality," Mr Walker said.

"We have been doing case study research with some of our existing clients and price, functionality, ease of use and compatibility with software they are already using continue to be the primary reasons why they chose iMagic Inventory even when it was stacked against something specifically designed for their industry."

One of the clients who participated in the research, Platt College, said that it was the MS-SQL Server integration, price and ability to work directly with developers on features for future updates that made them choose iMagic Inventory.

Ron Howe from Platt College's IT Department was responsible for selecting and implementing their inventory software solution and recently declared a resounding success by all levels of users.

"We only need to use our inventory software four times per year during enrollments so it was important that we chose something easy to use. iMagic Inventory works with both MSQL and our CAMS Academic software and now literally saves us hundreds of hours a semester by automating what was a very manual and arduous process," Mr. Howe said.

"We had looked at other systems but many of them were just too expensive or complicated for our needs. There was one slight issue with integrating iMagic Inventory with CAMS Academic but the team worked with us on an interim workaround before updating that for us in the next version of the software."

"We needed a simple, cost effective solution and found that in iMagic Inventory," Mr Howe said.