With the IGEL-132 CE Smart, IGEL Technology is redefining the entry level segment in the thin client market under US 250. The Smart has much more competitive features in this market segment including multi-session capability and ,the latest communication protocols Microsoft RDP and Citrix ICA. This Windows CE-based terminal accommodates both Microsoft terminal services and Citrix Presentation Server. The IGEL remote management suite included in the package, optimizes the central administration capability of clients, resulting in a dramatic decrease of total cost of ownership (TCO) in the IT infrastructure. Combined with the responsive IGEL support and service, the IGEL-132 CE Smart provides an economical and powerful solution unparalleled in the thin client market.

Flexibility through application diversity
Thanks to Microsoft´s proven operating system the IGEL-132 CE Smart supports a great variety of applications in diverse fields.

Another feature of the inexpensive entry level model is the extensive network support, including DSL and VPN, with which branch offices can be efficiently integrated into the IT infrastructure and centrally managed at low cost.

The numerous options for connecting peripheral equipment and the integrated multi-session server capabilities make this an exceptional value at this price point. The IGEL remote management suite,offers the key to permanently reducing the cost of administration as hundreds of terminals can be installed in a single work day without disrupting core business activities Firmware updates are provided free of charge and can also be performed centrally, efficiently and safely.

“We are redefining this market segment with our IGEL 132 CE Smart“, says Matt Haynes, Vice President Sales IGEL NA. “The product quality and management functionality for which IGEL is known, combined with the outstanding price-performance ratio and the responsive IGEL service and support ,makes this offering unbeatable.”
Price and availability
The IGEL 132 CE Smart is available immediately at a price of US 249 (non-binding recommended price, net end customer price).