IBM and ENN Energy, one of the first privately-owned clean energy distributors in China, today announced a strategic partnership that allows ENN to transform its IT operations, drive business growth, enhance revenue and increase operational efficiency. By implementing the IBM POWER7 server and a cloud-based IT environment, ENN will be able to build a solid infrastructure for future advanced cloud computing.

With IBM sourcing and cloud capabilities ENN has greatly enhanced its system response and customer experience. The waiting time for extracting natural-gas reports and the sale of gas has been cut in half. For example, the transaction of gas sales at outlets is now reduced to 40 seconds from the previous three to four minutes. IBM is a long-term strategic innovative partner for ENN IT and business development. 

"Through this agreement, we’ve not only improved our IT infrastructure’s response to business demands but also greatly enhanced system efficiency,” said chief executive officer of ENN Liu Jishen. “IBM’s best practices as well as its strategic planning and implementation, have not only helped ENN complete business transformation but also changed our mindset and management. The work we’re doing with IBM has set the precedent for how we will work with future partners, which ensures we can successfully promote the adoption of clean energy through smart technologies." 

As a result of this agreement, ENN applications of new IT resources are shortened to one day from one month, and the platform’s complete cloud management mechanism provides ENN with a stable and secure infrastructure, delivering reliable and stable business support.  

"We are very pleased to extend a long-term strategic partnership with ENN, a forward-looking and leading enterprise,” said general manager of strategic sourcing service business, IBM Greater China Huang Qionghui. “Over the years, we’ve worked side by side to explore for ENN a suitable road to cloud, and we’ve learned a lot of deep industry insights and experiences from ENN.”   

As the leading provider of IT sourcing services and cloud solutions, IBM is committed to transforming and developing enterprises, industries, and local economies.