In i4i v. Microsoft, Defendant-Appellant
Microsoft filed its Opening Brief in the United States Court of Appeals for
the Federal Circuit last night.

Loudon Owen, Chairman of i4i, says, “The appeal brief filed by Microsoft
is an extraordinary document. It captures the hostile attitude of Microsoft
toward inventors who dare to enforce patents against them. It is also
blatantly derogatory about the Court system.”

Founded in 1993 (just 18 years after Microsoft was founded), i4i was
formed to change the way information is managed worldwide. Mr. Owen continues,
“We sought and received the protection of the court so we can compete on a
level playing field, and run our business without infringement by the
Defendant Microsoft. Microsoft was proven to have willfully infringed on i4i’s

Mr. Owen says, “We do not have the gargantuan financial resources of
Microsoft, but i4i has the protection of fairness under the U.S. justice
system. Microsoft is not above the law. It cannot privately expropriate i4i’s
patented invention.”

“We firmly believe the decision of the jury and judge in the United
States District Court for the Eastern District of Texas was correct on the
facts and we shall prevail on appeal,” says Mr. Owen.

i4i’s responding brief is due on September 7, 2009.