The Chinese new year sees the launch of a cross border collaboration to bring China's leading children's TV mascot "Crazy Maiji" to mobile devices all over China.

Crazy Maiji 2 is a mobile video game based upon Canadian developer Get Set Games' Storm Casters.  The game is a top down shooter with card collection and role playing game elements.  The game incorporates Hunan TV's mascot Crazy Maiji – known to more than 100 million Chinese children for its hit TV show of the same name.  The game is being published by US based Spellgun and China based Talkweb.

"Get Set Games had built an exciting game for the Western market, and our challenge was to find an ideal way to introduce the game to every child across China – partnering with Hunan TV, and adding Crazy Maiji into the game was the perfect solution to this challenge," said James Zhang, CEO of Spellgun and Founder of Concept Art House.

Get Set Games' Rob Segal said, "Last year we chose Spellgun and Talkweb to be our partners in bringing our game to China, and it is exciting to see this partnership evolve to incorporate Hunan TV and a character that is so loved by Children across China."

"Since 1996 we have focused on supporting China's mobile carriers and distributors.  We have an established presence across all 29 Chinese provinces and deep relationships with all major app distributors, which give us unique advantages in bringing new games to China's massive mobile gamer base.  Crazy Maiji 2 represents both our interest in Western game design innovations and our strength in marketing mobile games in China." said Talkweb CEO, Ying Song.

Hunan TV is China's largest satellite TV station and second most watched TV station next to CCTV 1.  This launch is only one of a number of bold moves that Hunan TV has been taking as it expands its presence into the US.  Last month filings disclosed that Hunan is partnering with Lionsgate and expects to invest about 25% of the combined $1.5 billion that the two will spend on their new venture.

Talkweb Information Systems Co., Ltd is one of China's leading providers of mobile e-commerce applications. Established in 1996, Talkweb is today one of China's most recognized public companies. With over 2,000 employees, 29 branch offices, and four headquarters locations, Talkweb offers technical and operational support to mobile operators across all of China's 29 provinces.

Talkweb is a leader in supporting games nationwide with a proven history of successfully launching Western games, such as Angry Birds, Plants vs. Zombies 2, and Bejeweled Deluxe in the Chinese smartphone market.