Hummingbird Ltd , a leading global provider of integrated enterprise content management (ECM) and connectivity solutions, today announced the immediate availability of Exceed onDemand(R) 5.1, a component of the Hummingbird Connectivity(TM) family of products. Exceed onDemand is the most powerful and complete ultra-thin, multi-tiered PC X server in the market sharing the same roots as the award- winning PC X server – Hummingbird Exceed

Exceed onDemand securely connects users to 2D and 3D X Window applications over any type of network connection making it a suitable solution for mobile workers. Exceed onDemand 5.1 delivers unprecedented scalability, manageability, security and productivity providing users with optimum mobile functionality and performance. Exceed onDemand 5.1 also offers a secure Thin X solution with support for SSL, Secure Shell and Pluggable Authentication Module frameworks.

“With this release, Exceed onDemand 5.1 confirms its status as the best solution available to meet the changing needs of today’s mobile users. It is designed to safeguard work and increase efficiency,” said Xavier Chaillot, director of product management and product marketing, Hummingbird Connectivity. “Exceed onDemand 5.1 is scalable and resilient to system failure with the help of new Cluster Failover protection. Exceed onDemand Server is always available and ready to provide high quality Thin X server functionality to the user community.”

Key enhancements to Exceed onDemand 5.1 include:

– Automatic Cluster Failover: Exceed onDemand provides complete
failover protection because it can maintain the integrity of the
cluster in the case of system failure or scheduled maintenance that
affects the availability of one or more nodes. Exceed onDemand
Cluster will continue to be fully operational and accept new incoming
connections as long as there is at least one active node in the

– X11R6.8 Support: Exceed onDemand 5.1 is the first Thin X server in
the industry to offer the support of X11R6.8 and new extensions that
come with the release including RANDR and X-Resource.

– Performance and Bandwidth Improvements: This new release introduces a
new feature called Shadow Window for CAD application users which can
greatly improve performance and lower the bandwidth consumption.

– Unicode and TrueType Fonts Support: In order to promote seamless
interoperability, Exceed onDemand 5.1 comes with more than 300 new
fonts in Unicode or TrueType Font encoding. In addition, Exceed
onDemand users can fully interact with text in Unicode encoding, such
as copy and paste characters in Unicode encoding.

– Render Extension: Exceed onDemand users can now enjoy the effect of
Render extension when accessing applications or desktop environments
that support it.