Hummingbird Ltd. today announced the immediate availability of Hummingbird Connectivity™ 10, a feature-rich, robust and secure suite of products including Exceed®, NFS Maestro™, HostExplorer™ and Connectivity Secure Shell™. Hummingbird Connectivity 10 provides a single, consolidated solution that allows organizations to securely integrate heterogeneous legacy infrastructures, such as UNIX or Mainframe, with Windows desktops, enabling customers to meet business continuity and corporate governance requirements.

The valuable productivity features integrated within the Hummingbird Connectivity 10 products offers administrators and users simplified software management and increased employee efficiency. The Hummingbird Connectivity 10 suite supports any Microsoft 32-bit and 64-bit operating system including Citrix® MetaFrame® and Windows® Terminal Server.

“Hummingbird Connectivity 10 delivers unparalleled product functionality. It is the only product on the market that supports all the major network connectivity requirements,” said Barry Litwin, president, Hummingbird Ltd. “The unique, innovative features in this latest release help our customers realize significant savings on their overall IT budgets and a substantive return on investment.”


With Exceed 10, Hummingbird continues its leadership in the Windows PC X Server market by providing organizations a whole new way of leveraging their X Window applications. Exceed 10 Desktop Sharing instantly adds non-intrusive collaborative capability to any X application. Workers that use Exceed 10 are able to share their X Window environment with other employees, partners or suppliers, regardless of their location. User productivity will be greatly increased with this new capability and organizations will achieve significant cost-savings while extending the lifetime of their IT investment.

NFS Maestro

Adhering to accepted industry standards, NFS Maestro 10 is the first and only PC NFS solution that supports NFSv4, the latest version of the NFS protocol. The increased demand for storage over the last few years makes interoperability, security and performance of data transfers an important issue within the IT community. NFS Maestro 10 and NFSv4 support are critical elements that will help organizations seamlessly integrate mission critical heterogeneous environments.


HostExplorer allows organizations to access their mission-critical data on Mainframe, AS/400 and UNIX systems. HostExplorer 10 breaks new barriers in the Host Access integration process. The new Theme Manager offers the smoothest migration path available to desktop administrators. In addition to automatically converting existing macro commands, HostExplorer 10 comes packaged with settings and user interface themes for the most common terminal emulation software on the market: Attachmate™ Extra!(R), NetManage Rumba®, IBM Personal Communications™ and WRQ Reflection.

Hummingbird Security

Hummingbird Security™ 10, comprised of Connectivity Secure Shell™, Connectivity SecureTerm™, Connectivity Kerberos™ and Connectivity SSL, supports a wide range of key industry security protocol including SSL, Kerberos and Secure Shell 2. The latest release of Hummingbird Security introduces support for Axalto® and ActivCard® smart card solutions as well as Safenet iKey™ USB authentication device. A new product in the Hummingbird Security family, Connectivity SecureTerm 10 offers a comprehensive, full featured, desktop-based and browser-based secured terminal and file transfer solution.

Availability: Hummingbird Connectivity 10 is available immediately. For more information, please visit:

About Hummingbird Connectivity™

Hummingbird Connectivity is a comprehensive set of core network technologies that enables the enterprise to connect to any type of legacy system. Hummingbird Connectivity seamlessly delivers enterprise mission critical data to the user desktop. Based on robust and recognized standards, every Hummingbird Connectivity product is designed to bridge the gap between legacy systems and enterprise users by delivering the quickest, easiest, and most secure single point of access to UNIX systems, Mainframes and AS/400s.