HP today unveiled new mobility products, services, solutions and alliances as the company kicked off a worldwide mobility initiative for 2005.

A global leader in mobility for 25 years, HP’s new initiative is designed to drive the impending global shift in how businesses and consumers securely connect to and share digital content, information and services.

At a media event in San Jose, Calif., dedicated to the exploding mobility market, HP Senior Vice President and General Manager of Mobile Computing Ted Clark declared 2005 the “Year for Mobility,” citing market conditions worldwide and the company’s unrivaled reach across mobile technology.

HP plans to:

*Create mobile devices that are suited for the task at hand, making them more secure, usable, simple, personal and compatible with the rest of computing technology;

*Provide businesses of all sizes with standards-based infrastructures and mobile solutions that enable them to increase productivity and to stay connected to critical information when and where they need it;

*Help telecom service providers evolve their voice and data networks so they can streamline the creation, delivery and management of personalized, content-rich services;

*Form industry alliances that solve customer problems and take advantage of HP’s innovative products, services and infrastructure.

“No other company spans the mobility spectrum like HP – from the network infrastructure that powers the world’s leading telecom companies, to the wireless solutions and services in business, to the devices people use,” said Clark. “HP is in a unique position to anticipate and act on the monumental changes mobility will have on business, society and life.”

At the media event, Clark also stated HP’s goal to reclaim the No. 1 position in the notebook market.

Addressing demand for instant, anytime, anywhere way of life

In the first in a series of mobility-focused announcements scheduled for this year, HP has unveiled the most powerful and extensive lineup of business notebooks in its history, expanded its mobile portfolio for small and mid-size businesses (SMBs), announced its intent to deliver a new generation of smart devices, and partnered with Nokia to bring mobile forms processing to the enterprise market.

“People increasingly are coming to understand that being able to access and share corporate and personal information seamlessly and safely while away from their desks is a huge personal and business competitive advantage,” said Rob Enderle, principal analyst, The Enderle Group. “With the most complete line of notebooks, connected handheld computers and related services, HP appears to understand best that every need is unique to the geography, the industry, the company and often even to the user, creating what may be one of HP’s most unique and powerful assets.”

HP business notebooks – instant mobile office

The 10 business notebooks HP introduced today build on its expertise in mobile technology to deliver the enhanced security, ease of use and reliability mobile professionals require to create an instant mobile office, whenever and wherever they need to conduct business.

Manufactured to withstand the trials of business travel, the HP business notebook lineup offers innovative features such as the HP Mobile Data Protection System, which helps reduce the risk of data corruption by helping to protect the hard drive from the shock and vibration experienced through regular, everyday use. In-mold laminate – the result of a cutting-edge technique in mobile computing manufacturing – creates a scuff- and scratch-resistant notebook, while the HP Panel Protection System helps prevent the display from scuffing and scratching while shut.

The HP Compaq 9600, 8200, 6200, 6100 and 4200 business notebook series offer customers a depth of products and accessories not currently seen in the industry. Taking advantage of this market opening, this extensive portfolio helps the company in its aim to reclaim the No. 1 notebook market share position in the world.

More information about HP’s new notebooks is available in an online press kit at http://www.hp.com/go/mobilitysummit2005.

HP iPAQ Mobile Messenger – a global communication tool

To strengthen its leadership in the fast-growing smart device market, HP will continue to evolve the HP iPAQ product line and build on the success of the award-winning iPAQ 6300 series smart device. The new devices will incorporate several different types of wireless technologies and be offered in a variety of designs and sizes as they roll out through the year.

The first of these new products, HP iPAQ Mobile Messenger, integrates wireless voice, high-speed EDGE data networking and versatile GPS navigation technologies to meet global business and personal communication needs.(1,2,3,4) With a built-in keyboard to easily compose email, notes, text and instant messages and data delivery rates up to four times faster than dial-up,(2) the new iPAQ will allow users to quickly stay connected to vital business information. A technology demonstration of the iPAQ Mobile Messenger is planned at the 3GSM World Congress later this month.

HP’s worldwide mail and messaging strategy addresses the need of mobile professionals to access email and business data seamlessly and securely. HP plans to offer users a multitude of choices when it comes to accessing email and business data on the go while using an iPAQ.(1)

Customers in a Microsoft® Exchange 2003 environment can take advantage of a solution that goes far beyond basic text-based email messaging to allow full synchronization to their inbox, calendar, contacts and more. SMBs that don’t deploy Exchange can use the new HP Hosted Microsoft Exchange Email Solution to get the same connectivity.

In addition, HP plans to include Good Technology’s GoodLink software on future iPAQ releases, including the new Mobile Messenger device. The combination of HP iPAQ devices and GoodLink software delivers wireless access to corporate email, calendar, contacts and other information(1) managed through Microsoft Outlook and Exchange environments. This iPAQ and GoodLink combination allows for a true “push” email solution, full synchronization of Outlook and robust device management and security.

More information about HP’s relationship with Good Technology is available at http://www.hp.com/go/mobilitysummit2005.

HP mobile solutions and services – Keeping SMBs connected

Building on the success of the company’s Smart Office framework, HP has expanded its mobile and wireless services and solutions to better meet growing demand and to provide SMB customers with reliable, high-quality products and solutions; local and specialized expertise; and a more simplified technology experience.

The new offerings include HP Hosted Microsoft Exchange Email Solution, a hosted mail and messaging service unsurpassed in its ease of use; HP wLAN Assessment and HP wLAN Installation & Start-Up, services designed to optimize wireless connectivity and ensure customers top performance and availability of their wLAN solution right from the start; and HP Mobile Agent, a bundled hardware and software solution designed for the insurance industry.

In addition, HP announced an update to its HP Mobile Printing for Pocket PC software. The latest version of this simple, easy-to-use software enables wireless printing from a handheld PC to a variety of HP printers and non-HP printers. This mobile printing solution is available for download at no charge at http://www.hp.com/go/pocketpcprint.

To help make the new HP mobility solutions more affordable, HP Financial Services is offering customers a low payment option with its new Budget Stretcher lease program. Customers can purchase up to $150,000 of new equipment or services on a lease term of up to 51 months, helping them get the technology they need at a payment they can afford.(5)

More information about HP’s new services and solutions is available at http://www.hp.com/go/mobilitysummit2005.

HP partners with Nokia to connect paper with mobile workflows

Today’s enterprise and public sector organizations need mobile solutions that integrate paper and digital workflows into one manageable and secure IT infrastructure, enabling an Adaptive Enterprise where users can better adapt to business and customer change through access to real-time information. Meeting this need, HP and Nokia have announced an agreement to connect paper and digital workflows with mobile technology to provide an innovative solution for forms processing.

The new Mobile Forms Initiative will digitize workflows by adapting existing paper forms for mobile users, who can then collect data with a Nokia mobile device and transmit the information in real time to an enterprise back-end. The joint offering provides customers with a complete solution by combining the software and print-on-demand capabilities of the HP Forms Automation Solution with the mobility of the Nokia Digital Pen and Nokia’s breadth of mobile phone offerings. The companies’ agreement also encompasses joint go-to-market and sales programs.

More information about the HP Forms Automation Solution is available at http://www.hp.com/go/mobilitysummit2005.