In addition, HP announced the expansion of inkjet cartridge recycling in the United States and the creation of a new HP inkjet cartridge recycling program in Canada.

Launched in 1991, the HP Planet Partners supplies recycling program ( enables free and convenient recycling of original HP LaserJet supplies. Since the inception of this program, more than 150 million pounds of HP LaserJet print cartridge materials have been recycled and recovered(1) worldwide. Currently HP LaserJet print cartridge recycling programs are available in 48 countries around the world.

HP’s environmental stewardship is built on environmental programs that address all stages of a product’s lifecycle — from design to manufacturing to recycling. In addition, HP continues to minimize the use of non-recyclable materials in its print cartridge products and packaging. For instance, since 1992 HP has reduced the average number of parts used in monochrome HP LaserJet print cartridges by 25 percent, which improves their recyclability. In North America, HP inkjet print cartridge packaging uses 100 percent recycled paper board.

“Our commitment to the environment means being a leader in the development of environmentally sustainable business solutions,” said Pradeep Jotwani, senior vice president, supplies, HP Imaging and Printing Group. “The success and expansion of our recycling programs is a testament to our long-standing commitment to the environment and customers today and into the future.”

Inkjet Cartridge Recycling Program Expands

Building on the achievements of HP LaserJet print cartridge recycling efforts, HP expanded inkjet cartridge recycling into Canada and has added capacity to its inkjet cartridge recycling facilities in the United States.

Currently, HP offers inkjet cartridge recycling in 11 countries worldwide, including France, the United Kingdom and Germany.

Since 1997, HP has offered customers an easy and convenient method for recycling HP inkjet print cartridges. To make it even easier for customers to recycle in North America, HP:

Launched a new Web site to promote the recycling of HP print cartridges in Canada (

Added the HP Planet Partners Web site ( to inkjet cartridge packaging and insert materials to better guide customers for online ordering of free prepaid shipping materials for the return of their HP cartridges

Increased capacity of its recycling facility in Tennessee to recycle a higher number of HP inkjet print cartridges
All returned HP printer cartridges go through a multi-phase recycling process. Currently in North America, the inkjet print cartridge recycling program recycles up to 70 percent of a cartridge by weight, depending on the model, while the HP LaserJet print cartridge recycling program recycles up to 78 percent of all cartridge materials received.

Company-wide Earth Day Activities

In recognition of Earth Day, HP recently doubled the value of the HP Planet Partners eCoupon to encourage the responsible recycling of unwanted computer hardware, including PCs, printers, servers and scanners.