The long-awaited debut of revolutionary radio personality Howard Stern broadcasting exclusively on SIRIUS Satellite Radio took place today. Stern also announced some of the groundbreaking programming he’s created for his two SIRIUS channels — Howard 100 and Howard 101 — during his debut show.

Stern, who was joined by longtime on-air cohorts Robin Quivers, Fred Norris, Artie Lange and producer Gary Dell’Abate, opened his mic for the first time live on SIRIUS at 6 am ET and PT this morning. The moment was one of the most highly anticipated in the media world since Stern announced 14 months ago that he would be leaving terrestrial radio to broadcast exclusively on SIRIUS.

Starting today, The Howard Stern Show will be broadcast Monday through Friday on SIRIUS channels 100 and 101. The show will be live beginning at 6 am ET on channel 100, and on channel 101 beginning at 6 am PT. The Howard Stern Show runs approximately four hours. Although both channels 100 and 101 carry The Howard Stern Show and Howard 100 News, programs on channel 100 will be more Howard-centric, while the programs on channel 101 will be more entertainment-oriented.

Scott Greenstein, SIRIUS President of Entertainment and Sports, said, “There is no other personality like Howard Stern in the world of entertainment, and he is finally on SIRIUS Satellite Radio where he will be given the freedom and support to create and perform. Today we are seeing just the beginning of this remarkable pioneering force.”

Stern also welcomed controversial, Florida-based radio personality Bubba the Love Sponge(R) as the weekday afternoon host on Howard 101. Bubba can be heard from 4 to 8 pm ET (1 to 5 pm PT) on Howard 101.

During the live debut broadcast of The Howard Stern Show on SIRIUS, Stern also revealed some of the new special programming he’s created for his two SIRIUS channels. In addition to Bubba the Love Sponge, highlights of the two Stern channels include:

Howard 100 News – Full team coverage of the good, the bad and the ugly on the King of All Media.

Tissue Time with Heidi – Bedtime stories Howard fans won’t want to miss.

Meet The Sterns – Ben and Ray Stern discuss Howard’s childhood and take phone calls.

Super Fan Roundtable – Revolving panel of super fans discuss Howard and take phone calls.

Crack Whore View – These gals have a point of “view” you won’t see on television.

Meet The Shrink – Howard’s hand-picked psychologist and life coach discusses issues.

Red Peters Countdown – Uncensored songs, oddities, taboo subjects and the forbidden spoken word.