In my conversations with VARs and MSPs, they always tell me that they wish if their sales team could uncover more net-new sales opportunities. Who wouldn't want this? The conversation typically leads to having a good CRM solution, improving the skills of their sales team, better sales management, better marketing and even hiring better sales reps. 

Rarely the discussion is about what their sales team is actually doing to uncover new sales opportunities with their clients. Seems like it is left up to the imagination of each sales rep to bring in the sales. RapidFire may have a tool that VARs and MSPs should be considering.

From what I know, the tool allows any sales rep to automatically extract data from their clients' networks to generate a report that will identify some of their IT risks. From the point of view of a sales rep, this seems to be a no-brainer as it helps their clients to better understand their business risks while uncovering sales opportunities to fix the problems. 

Management of VARs and MSPs should demand that they sales reps use such a tool every day. How do you help your sales team to uncover new sales opportunities?

Matthew Koenig, Sales manager at RapidFire will be on a panel at our upcoming ChannelNEXT conference on April 11-12 to share some of his experiences with VARs and MSPs who use his solution to drive sales opportunities every day.