Hotel WiFi Test introduces the WiFi Happiness ranking, which has been designed to be the all-in-one criterion for choosing a hotel with the best WiFi. Now travelers won't need to balance different WiFi characteristics when choosing a hotel. They can simply use the new default sorting order at

Prior to the creation of this new feature, hotels were sorted by their expected WiFi speed. Very often this ranking was good enough, but it wasn't always. For example, a hotel with a decent download speed could have a horrible upload speed or latency, making video calls almost impossible. In addition, if there have only been a couple of tests done at the hotel, there is a chance that a new guest will get vastly different speeds from those that have been measured.

The new score solves these potential issues. It incorporates key quality metrics along with a confidence score. The WiFi quality metrics take care of the most important aspects of WiFi quality, such as download and upload speed, latency, and stability. The confidence score shows how well the WiFi has been tested. It depends on the number of tests and their variety as well as the types of users who have taken them.

Now it is really easy for travelers to choose a hotel with the best WiFi. In New York alone there are more than 200 tested hotels on It is also possible to see WiFi quality information directly on,, Expedia, and TripAdvisor thanks to the recently released browser extension.

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