Intelligent Apps, LLC has announced the release of ChuckTheSheep, a highly entertaining and addictive game designed for the iPhone. The game, which will be available on the App Store on June 8th, 2015, promises to challenge and delight mobile gamers with a series of mind-blowing levels supported by beautifully designed graphics.

The game's hero is Chuck The Sheep, a delightful farm animal who is trying to save his friend "The Penguin" and free him from his cage. Armed with nothing but a wood log and a clear understanding of the laws of physics, Chuck is determined to save the Penguins and must navigate a series of exciting obstacles to achieve this goal.

"If you've enjoyed Angry Birds and Cut-The-Rope, then this game is for you," says Sam Al-Jamal, CEO of Intelligent Apps. "The simple drag and tap controls make sure the player is focused on the game and not the mechanics of the controls. It is very easy to play, yet difficult to master as the challenges increase with each level."

ChuckTheSheep was developed to entertain and engage users in each level with stunning graphics crafted by several artists, while applying strict rules of physics, gravity and collisions. The game's entertainment value is carefully balanced with the governing laws of physics and sound mathematical equations hand crafted by the developer who has a PhD in Engineering.

Intelligent Apps will release two versions of ChuckTheSheep – a free version with 9 levels and a paid version with 36 levels. The paid version will be available on the App Store for an introductory price of just $2.99 (USD), and will be updated with 18 more levels in the coming months. Additional levels will be added to the game later this year.