Horyou is an international company that promotes a humanistic approach to technology through an online platform that encourages its members to dream, inspire and act. This new social network gathers personalities, organizations (foundations, nonprofits, associations) and internet users from all disciplines. It brings a dedicated audience to the social networking world that consists of a diverse and universal community of members sharing everyday knowledge, experiences, common interests, causes, projects, actions of solidarity and more.

At Horyou, all generations can build a constructive relationship with technology by reciprocating knowledge and life experiences that can benefit and promote the common good. In addition, Horyou offers resourceful ways to support initiatives, publish them, and display their accomplishments at all levels (local, national, and global).

"The beginning of our public beta period marks an important step toward the international launch of our action-oriented social network. Horyou is aware of the impact and influence of social networking in our daily lives. Therefore, we are offering an alternative to those internet users looking for positive experiences; a dedicated audience ready to make a difference in their surroundings. Horyou relies on technology to enrich social interaction and to balance the online and offline worlds. We are inviting all personalities, organizations, and internet users that are passionate about their projects, actions, and ideas to be part of our platform and promote a new internet philosophy." – Yonathan Parienti, CEO of Horyou SA.