Hooray (www.hooraysociety.com), a think tank and product development company, today announces a suite of language learning apps beginning with the Western Europe edition. Language Master (www.languagemastersuite.com) helps build pronunciation and basic vocabulary skills by asking users to make the connection between words, pictures and sounds.

Language Master has 11 interactive levels, including a two-player challenge mode where users can compete against their friends. Language Master Western Europe is the first app within the suite and includes five languages: French, German, Greek, Italian, and Spanish.

“We wanted to find a way to leverage a mobile platform to make learning a language not only engaging and interactive but fun,” said Ryan Stoner, Hooray’s co-founder and CEO. “Language Master is a valuable primer to any language learning experience and provides that extra motivation needed to master pronunciation and vocabulary lists.”

Language Master Western Europe is available immediately at the iTunes store (http://bit.ly/LanguageMaster) with additional languages becoming available in the coming months, including: Russian, Mandarin, Malay, Polish, Thai, Japanese, Welsh and English.

To download the app, visit iTunes.com or www.languagemastersuite.com. In addition to Language Master, Hooray has several other apps available now including Birthday A La Carte, Top Dawg, Apple or Island, and soon-to-be released Top Dish and Celeb Spotter.