Finally off of work and you are on your way home, the sauna is already warmed up, the blinds are closed and soothing music is playing on the stereo in the background. At CeBIT 2014, digitalSTROM showed what it’s all about with the networking of apartments and houses with Cloud services. The main focus will be on the further development of refitted networked and broadband technologies. Thanks to his or her cell phone or iPad, the user can communicate with Smart Home anytime, anywhere. This eliminates the need for various switches and remote controls.

digitalSTROM provides all the appliances in the house with their own smart functions and also connects them with one another as well as with the internet to create a digital infrastructure that works with open programming interfaces (API) so that any desired functions and services can be added to the house – voice control via Smartphone is just one example. The only prerequisite for smart networking is conventional power lines and electronic equipment that is equipped with a digitalSTROM chip or IP interface. The fast broadband networking also allows such applications as ultra-high resolution TV standard 4K/UHD.

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