Straight from the right brain of the
mastermind behind Furby, the latest and most innovative tech toy to hit the
Canadian market since Tickle Me Elmo is iZ. Combining music with interactive
wired play, iZ (pronounced is) engages children and adults alike with his big
eyes, brightly coloured horn and an endearing vocabulary of sweet ‘jibberish’.

iZ is performing like a star this holiday season and was touted as
“Toyland’s Savior” in the September issue of Time Magazine. According to Roger
Shiffman, president of Zizzle and the toy’s creator, kids are turned on by
music and tuned in to their iPods.

“For kids, it’s all about the music. They live it. Breathe it. And want
to spin it – just like their favourite DJ or VJ,” says Shiffman. “iZ allows
kids to mix their own music or hook him up to their iPod or MP3 player. iZ
takes iPoding to the next level from listening to music to spinning music.”

This quirky, wired DJ laughs, dances, mixes and even offers his own
special commentary to any tune. With a quick press of his belly, iZ gets the
music (and the party) started with a selection of seven different beats. A
simple turn of his right ear adds a little rhythm while a twist of his left
finds a musical lead. With his eyes hip-hopping to the beat, a mere flick of
his ‘flicker’ atop his head and kids can add their own sound effects to his
custom-designed mix.

Hook iZ up and he turns into a speaker that will play all the tunes
stored on any iPod or MP3 player. If he’s inspired, he offers his own special
commentary to whatever music is being played. And, if he’s not in the mood for
what’s being played, he makes kids laugh with his ‘real-life’ body noises
(slurping, burping, and farting). Charming? Kids think so, and everyone knows
they’ll do anything to get a laugh.

Available in hot rod colours – red, green or metallic blue, iZ will be
sold at major toy and retail outlets across Canada such as Wal-Mart, Toys R’
Us, Zellers and Loblaws.