Think back to when you were a child in school studying history. Wouldn’t it have been fascinating to read your great grandfather’s personal diary of the Civil War? Or think for a moment of how technology has changed our lives. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you had a manuscript from your grandmother telling you how she felt the first time she heard a voice over the telephone?

Now it’s possible to share the interesting times of your life with your children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, and generations to come, by creating your own unique personal memoir online. Pastime Programs has developed Share the Memory(TM), an easy-to-use, online tool that makes writing the stories of your life simple and enjoyable — even if you’re not a writer. It’s available at

With Share the Memory, personal stories are as entertaining to write as they are to read. In addition to providing users with helpful hints, starting points, and powerful memory aids, the program’s built-in organizing tools make the writing process inviting and completely non-threatening. The program also contains fascinating lists of significant events, inventions, people, and pop culture that are fun to peruse on their own.

Unlike other “fill-in-the-blanks” journal-writing programs, Share the Memory offers authors plenty of freedom to write in their own voice and style, and to write as little or as much as they want. You can write in any section at any time without worrying about being chronological. You can jot down random thoughts and save them for later. You can even preview past entries while you are composing new ones, to help keep your story straight.

Hardware requirements are simple. All that’s needed is a computer with Internet connection. When you sign up online to use the program, you are provided with a password to your own secure account. Then, from any computer with Internet you’re able to write, edit, print, and save your story. Not only does that make it convenient, but it means you’ll never misplace your work.