Shocktoberfest, Pennsylvania’s Premier Haunted Theme Park announces Tuesday their new iScareYou attractions for the 2009 Halloween season.

Patrick Konopelski, Executive Producer of Shocktoberfest says, “The iScareYou program is a logical extension of the Text2Scream technology we debuted two years ago. It’s fantastic because it engages our customers in a way never done before in the entertainment industry. It puts control in the hands of our customers via their Apple iPhone!”
Shocktoberfest visitors interact with animated props in ScareZones found throughout the park via their Apple iPhone. The scare zones are set up where customers least expect them and are designed so that once you’ve been scared, you can join in on the fun and scare others.

One of the best ScareZones is found along the queue line of The Toxic Asylum Haunted House. The line winds around a blind corner where an animatronic zombie prop hides just out of sight. A press of the “Boo Button” on an Apple iPhone sends lights flashing and the zombie into the air towards its victim.

“There’s definitely an aspect of voyeurism here,” says Konopelski, referring to the power that the customers hold in their hands, adding, “to give a customer the ability to scare the wits out of someone else through their cell phone is almost magical.”

The iScareYou system is powered by Aquicent Technology’s proprietary mobile technology platform. The system provides the end-user with a rich graphical user interface, and it integrates with the automated computer systems that run the Shocktoberfest attractions.