HansaWorld North America had a great time in Niagara Falls meeting up with all the outstanding partners from Southern Ontario and the GTA, and thank you all for coming out, and for great attendance at our workshop.

With a view from the venue as captured by our Senior Developer (above) it was hard not to be in a great mood and to take in all the valuable knowledge that was being shared and our great solution we presented to interested new Partners – ready to make an impact in their local market and ready to help themselves and their customers improve and profit from Standard ERP.

Our presentation of the perfect contract and accounting tool for MSP’s was well attended, and we look forward to be able to help by providing not only our colleagues with a great solution to help in-house automation for the recurring revenue business – contracts, billings, collecting and consolidating, all available super flexible and super efficient – but also help them reach out to their existing and future customers with our solution.

HansaWorld North America has a mission statement saying; “we are here to help SMB’s become more efficient, profitable, flexible and ready to meet any business challenge, and we do so by supporting them with our superior software solutions”.

We are aligning our own distribution and sales channel with Small and Midsized Businesses and had a lively and productive exchange with the partners in Niagara Falls during our presentation.   

Thank you for talking to us, for taking an interest in our solution, and not least for taking the time to discuss where our solution would fit into your own business and your own market and how it could make you as a partner even more successful.

As a Partner with HansaWorld North America, you have several options – we have a partner designation that will fit your ambitions, your business strategy and also will make sure you add recurring revenue to your business year over year.

Our Partner Program is very competitive and is highly profitable for any Partner working within Managed Services and is providing services on a regular or semi-regular basis to the market.

HansaWorld North America will continue to support the many exciting initiatives from ChannelNext, and we are looking forward to sign you up as a Partner, and to be able to help you get your contracts, recurring billing and your business in line with the new structure in the market that is already here.

Our customer base across the world consists of more than 80,000 customers and our software manages around 500,000 companies in total. Our customer base in North America is growing rapidly and you should be part of this expansion!

Sign up now as a partner, and add a new tool to your toolbox, every business needs an ERP system, and if you are not able to offer this to your customers, they might just take their business somewhere else.

We have 4 designations in our partner program: Referral Partner, Registered Partner, Value Added Partner and Strategic Partner. This – along with our very easy deal registration process guarantees our commitment to you and to your customers – meaning that we will ensure that no other partner will sell into your customer or opportunity you have registered with us in advance!

Protect your biggest asset, your customer base by expanding your offerings to them, and make your business even more attractive to them.

Standard ERP from HansaWorld North America is the perfect solution for 2 to 100 users and can be deployed in the cloud, in a private cloud and deployed on your customer’s own in-house servers. MAC, Windows, Linux, and Android – we cover every platform.

Run your business from anywhere and on practically anything. Any smartphone or tablet will give you complete and unlimited access to your business system and you can take orders, run reports, invoice and ship – directly from you handheld device!

Help your existing and new customers move into the 21st century with modern technology and all the convenience Standard ERP has to offer.

HansaWorld North America will be supporting your business providing references, testimonials, shared knowledgebase, sales tools, marketing and lead generation that will bring you new leads and new opportunities.

Please reach out to us anytime to sign up as one of our new and successful partners and secure yourself presence in your area – and learn more about how we can help your business improve with Standard ERP!

Jens Baun – baun@hansaworld.com

Direct: +1 647 274 8989