GreenVille Planet, backed by Creator Collin Black, is one of the most innovative online, web-based game/applications for the current and ever-changing social networking sites that include Facebook, Myspace, Twitter and iPhone Applications.

Similar to most games, functionality wise but with a little twist … as in doobie twist! GreenVille Planet takes the player to a whole new level. The game was developed with certain aspects of real life situations integrated to the video game world. GreenVille is the only game that can play on multiple platforms across the net. iPhone users and smart phone users alike can interact and share friends on

GreenVille is the first game to be compatible with all smart phones (iPhone, Droid, Blackberry & Apple store downloads and web-based). Greenville is a game where you can assume the leading role of the “Medicinal Marijuana Industry,” or at least try to become one in the Marijuana Medicinal field. There are many obstacles in the game that makes it stand on its own and differentiate them from the rest on the market.

GreenVille Planet Game deals with realistic and entertaining situations, such as the Grand Theft Auto Series. The game interacts with several social networking sites and is downloadable from the iPhone App/Online Store and, of course, you play it on

However there is a verification process to prove the player must be 18 and over to enjoy! As in other games, there is a Gifting area, where players can upgrade the house, get better hydro systems to grow and harvest their Goods to make the most money in the gaming process.

It is extremely interactive with friends from Facebook/ Twitter/ Myspace/ LinkedIn, Blogspot and more. People from all walks of life that love 420 and Medicinal fields will enjoy it as much as the regular Joe/Jane that play farmville/ potfarm/ farmplant on a daily basis. GreenVille Planet is very addictive … no pun intended.