Google seems to be pretty busy with the launch of their new products. They have just launched their Google Chrome web browser and now the company has launched the latest edition of their Picasa photo management software.

Picasa is in version 3 now and comes loaded with several new features and enhancements.

New features:

It now comes with a Sync to Web feature enabling the user to keep his photos synchronized with Google Picasa Albums.

A new Retouch feature has been added to fix small problems in photos and images.

Picasa now comes with a Picasa Photo Viewer for checking out photos quickly without loading the regular application. This could be the new challenger to IrfanView for users like us.

Users can now make a custom new movie from existing content. They can merge photos, videos and music files to create their own masterpieces.

Google has also added screen capturing capabilities in Picasa 3. It supports recording from webcams.

Watermarking images is now possible with Picasa 3. Very handy feature.

Several more enhancements you can check out for yourself! Download Picasa 3.